The Night Belongs to Cherie Currie

Happy Birthday Cherie Currie, lead vocalist of The Runaways, the all-girl heavy metal band she was in with Joan Jett and — ahh, I'd continue, but "Cherry Bomb" is already stuck in my head.


Fun fact: Currie was born in my hometown, Encino! Another fun fact: I very much enjoyed The Runaways movie with Dakota Fanning and Kristen Stewart. Is that embarrassing? I forget if everyone liked it or just me.

Rock on and have a good weekend.

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Sooo, I'm graduating in two weeks with a B.A. I've been working on for, oh, 7 years now. I've always had depression, but after I was raped my freshman year, I spiraled and ended up dropping out at the end of my sophomore year to try to get everything under control. After that I went back and forth between good periods and bad, and it took me a while to get back on track with school and work and having healthy relationships with people. I've been mostly stable for the last three years, but going to school full-time and working has definitely been a challenge. On top of graduating, I'm moving to a new city with my boyfriend of two years (who is awesome and supportive), and I just keep thinking, "Oh, man, did I really pull this off? I think I might be actually happy and successful!" Having my life in order AND being content is a place I seriously doubted I'd ever reach, and it is so wonderfully strange to be there!

A lot of you guys have been very supportive of my posts on depression, and I've really appreciated the solidarity and general non-judgyness. So thank you for letting me share, and I hope you don't mind that I wanted to include you in my celebration!