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The Night Belongs to Charlyne Yi

Today is the very hilarious Charlyne Yi's 27th birthday. Watching the clip above reminds me that she's definitely the best part of Knocked Up, right?


Happy Friday! Is it just me or is this the longest day ever? I don't think it's just me, I think we're stuck in a time vortex and the Mayans were right. Anyway, have a good weekend, if we ever get there.

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So I've made a health-related New Year's resolution, which I've never done before. It's not something like "lose 30 lbs!" or "fit into a size six!" but more basic taking care of my body stuff, with goals around drinking more water and regular exercise.

I'm not sure really to tell anyone I know about it. I feel like saying any resolution related to health immediately is perceived by people who listen as "I'M GOING ON A DIET," and I don't want people to congratulate or judge me based on that—especially since that's not actually what I'm about! But on the other hand, I might be better at holding to my resolution if I tell a lot of people what I'm about, so I can't just shrug and forget about it when I realize I haven't gotten off my ass in a month.

Thoughts? How do you guys navigate health/fitness-related resolutions like these?