The New Slap Bracelet: Schools Ban Bandz

Illustration for article titled The New Slap Bracelet: Schools Ban Bandz

Schools around the country are banning Silly Bandz, bracelets shaped like animals, symbols and letters, because they're too distracting. Basically, it's this generation's slap bracelet ban, though kids aren't at risk for splitting their wrists open. Wusses. [N.Y. Daily News]

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You know, as the wife of a teacher and a mom of grade-school kids, these are the type of Jezebel posts that really burn me up. Everyone jumps on the bandwagon of "Oh no! Those terrible teachers and adminstrators! Banning is BAD!!" When the fact is, anything that distracts from the focus on learning is what's BAD. And yes, these type of silly things can be distracting - because kids start fighting over them and all sorts of drama ensues. Also, to the people who say "obviously these teachers can't manage their classrooms if this is so distracting" let me just say, the first rule of classroom management is "remove distractions." So there's that.