The New Perfume Genius Video Is an Ecstatic Explosion of Fan Expression

No Shape, the fourth studio album by Perfume Genius (the stage name of musician Mike Hadreas), takes on an entirely new meaning in the newly released video for “Wreath,” a supercut featuring his wide array of fans dancing their hearts out, all to their own unique choreography.


It’s far too rare that I get to describe a video as “joyful,” but watching dancers young and old wiggle and sway—often surrounded by DIY explosions of glitter and color—is exactly that: an absolute joy.

Over the past couple weeks, Hadreas has been sharing extended cuts of the dancers who submitted videos.


As someone who frequently breaks out my most snake-y moves while dancing around the apartment to this song, I deeply appreciate every last one of these dancers and the brilliant musician who brought them together.

The video was edited by Marisa Gesualdi and Emma Giulianti.

Managing Editor, Jezebel



Oh gosh I LOVED this and IMO glitter makes everything better