The New Girl Staff Had to Burn All Evidence of Kardashians Before Prince Filmed His Cameo

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We don’t know definitively what Prince thought of the Kardashian family, though we can reasonably piece together a trail pointing to his opinion. There was, of course, the time he kicked Kim off his stage, punctuating his cold boot with the bon mot “Welcome to America.” And now, Zooey Deschanel has revealed that leading up to his appearance on New Girl, the show’s staff had to hide all evidence that Kardashians had been there, in what she says was a literal bonfire.


Speaking on Conan in the video below, Deschanel describes the episode in which Prince was scheduled to appear; written into the script was a scene depicting a Los Angeles party, like one Prince might have, including a few celebrity cameos, including Khloe Kardashian and Kris Jenner, which had already been shot. However, that thought was halted after a call from someone on Prince’s team, says Deschanel:

“I get there the day Prince is supposed to arrive, and I’m studying my lines, and one of the PAs comes in and she’s like, ‘I need all the sides,’ which are the scripts. So she takes mine from me, and then takes everybody else’s, and takes everyone’s call sheets, which say all the names of everything, and the times things are happening, and takes them all. I’m like, ‘What is going on?’

And I walk outside and she has like a bonfire, she’s burning all the scripts and the call sheets. And it turns out that someone from Prince’s camp said like, ‘Who are the celebrities, I hope it’s not a Kardashian.’”


Also in the clip, Deschanel calls Prince’s fandom of New Girl “random.” It’s heartening to know she thought what we thought.

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Having worked pretty extensively with celeb handler types in the past, I wouldn’t be shocked to learned this was their zealousness rather than Prince’s (or the zealousness of the New Girl people obsessed with keeping him happy after taking an off-handed remark too seriously, because it goes the other way, too). I once had a celebrity PR person basically convince me if Samuel L. Jackson had to do literally anything for himself at a fundraiser my employer was holding I would never work again and horrible things would rain down on my non-profit.

Mr. Jackson—Sam—was not keen on the level of attention I was dictated to have (he wasn’t annoyed, but he was like “you really don’t have to...”), and even asked me at one point “Did [publicist] tell you I needed someone to shadow me? Don’t worry.” Based on his behavior over the course of the evening (amazing), I am more inclined to believe his publicist was overreacting than he was uncharacteristically chill with me.