The New 'Formal Friday' 'Trend' Disgusts Me

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"Nonconformist" brogrammers are too hip for your square "Casual Fridays," so they've introduced ironic work dress code: Formal Fridays.


"It is kind of flipped…because we're super casual the entire week," Akshay Kothari, co-founder of news-organizing app startup Pulse, told the Wall Street Journal. "You want to break the monotony."

Apparently Facebook's design team has been dressing up on "Corporate Friday" since 2005 — before you thought it was cool.


"There may be a drop of irony to it as the prevailing dress code at Facebook is casual, but more than that I think it's a nod to the culture of transcending corporate politics," said designer Skip Bronkie. "Sometimes, you just want to bring the heat for no particular reason at all, and Corporate Friday is your opportunity to suit up."

Whatever. "You'll never take my casual Fridays away from me," wrote the pajama-clad blogger who often works from home during the last day of the week and doesn't brush her hair until sundown.


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Call me when Ballgown and Tiara Fridays or Tutu Tuesdays are established... I am so serious, I would love this.