The Backstreet Boys have released their first single since Kevin Richardson got his shit together and joined back up with the band. It's titled "In A World Like This", the same as their new album. And it is not good.

It's not bad it's just not...anything. A few thrown around descriptions from the Jezebel chat today described it thusly:

"The new sound of silence."

"It's the hollow-sounding desperation of an empty bank account."

"It sounds like giving up."

"It certainly doesn't sound like silk pajamas in a rainstorm, and THAT is a problem."


You know what way I want it? I want a world where this song is not their new single and Backstreet was officially back, everybody. It is the Millenium after all. What kind of world do you want?

(h/t) BuzzFeed

Image via Brenda Chase/Getty

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