The NASA InSight Sucks At Taking Pics, Should Get a Finsta

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NASA’s InSight successfully landed on Mars Monday afternoon. The robotic lander will spend the next two years burrowing below the Red Planet’s surface and collect data about the planet’s crust, core, and mantel. Cool! But what the fuck is this photo Insight took upon landing?


You have to appreciate InSight’s eagerness to share its new surroundings with the world. It’s adorable! But that’s a pic you leave to your finsta, not your main.

I just want to give this lil’ robot a few tips when it comes to racking up the likes on social media.

1. Variety is the spice of life. You can’t just post photos of red dirt and endless horizons. Mix it up! Throw in a selfie sometimes so we see the real you.

2. VSCO Cam is your friend. That app has the best filters and gives you so much control over the coloring of your photos. Huji is a cute option too if you want to give off a retro vibe without using a played-out sepia tone.

3. People appreciate vulnerability. If you’re feeling a little lonely there in the horrifying silence of space, let us know! We know how it feels. But if you’re going to cry in excess about it, keep that to a tear-filled Instagram live on your finsta. I’ll tune in!!!


Here’s hoping that InSight becomes a Twitter honey in a week.

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Ashley Reese

InSight pls don’t talk to the bad man (but also who runs your social media account lol)