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The Museum of Ice Cream Can't Keep Its Sprinkles to Itself

Image via Getty, Museum of Ice Cream San Francisco
Image via Getty, Museum of Ice Cream San Francisco

The Museum of Ice Cream’s Miami location has been hit with a series of fines because ice cream may be FUN but it also needs to be contained.


According to Page Six:

The fun house for adults, which opened in December, had already been issued a $1,000 fine for creating an environmental hazard. Then they were given a second fine for $2,000 on Wednesday. Now we’re told that a third violation was issued on Thursday, with another $2,000 fine.


That’s a total of $5,000 in fines. City officials want the museum to take better care of its delightful, colorful toppings, such as sprinkles:

Plastic sprinkles from one of the exhibits have made their way outside, where the city tells us they can be “consumed by small birds, reptiles and marine species.” The museum tells us it’s “spending thousands of dollars to . . . clean the streets and a mile around the building. The team is working around the clock.”

Culture Editor, Jezebel

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Real sprinkles...............YUM!