The Much Anticipated Love Actually Sequel Trailer Admits Why We're All Watching It

Kinda feels like charity event Red Nose Day has been threatening us with this short sequel to the Christmas classic Love Actually forever, but at least they’ve been charming about it.

And yes, they know that we all want to just watch and decide who aged the best and yes, they know it’s Liam Neeson. Andrew Lincoln kicks off the iconic card sequence from the original, in which he confessed his feelings to his best friend’s wife whether she wanted to know them or not! (By the way, most of the Jez staff thinks an older Mark is a hotter Mark, but lets agree to disagree.)

Do you think Hugh Grant and Colin Firth have a feud in real life? Did hitting each other so much on the set of Bridget Jones’s Diary cause genuine friction? I don’t think Colin Firth has aged particularly well either, but I still would. Can’t say the same for Hugh Grant. How many “still woulds” did you see in the trailer above?

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I’m not ready. Mostly cause this will force me to think about the fact that Alan Rickman is gone. His character was as close to a villain as that movie could get...and deserving of a comeuppance...but I’ll probably still cry with whatever they’ve chosen to do with his storyline. Maybe they’ll just say he moved away and it’ll be about Emma’s character finding a new love?