The Mother-Daughter Makeover Show We'll Be Watching

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A new makeover show on We, You're Wearing That?!?, lets mothers and daughters dress each other. Oh yes, we're going to watch this.

The show, which may or may not have any connection to the Deborah Tannen book of similar title, is hosted by stylist Luciene Salamone, and the premise is not merely to tweak the style of mothers and daughters but to help them heal underlying fits and bond. Can a makeover do that? Well, I think we've all seen enough tearful post-makeover confessionals on What Not To Wear to know the answer to that. Of course, half the tension of WNTW comes from the battle of wills between unwitting victim and Stacey and Clinton. From the clip above, all the mother/daughter pairings seem pretty psyched to be there...and pretty amicable. Sure, even in the few representative clips, there are a couple of uncomfy moments ("My daughter's still dressing like a kid, although she has the body of a young woman" and "my daughter dresses like she's 20 pounds lighter than she actually is" spring to mind) but not what we'd call fireworks. What's more, most of the pairs seem to fall into the mom's frumpy/daughter's provocative camp, which can get old fast.


As we all know, there's potential for serious drama here if the show plays its cards right. The biggest fights I ahd with my mom were shopping for school clothes, since all I wanted as a middle-schooler was dress like a 19th Century spinster and she was bound and determined to get me into a Miami Vice-style blazer. The problem is, it'd be hard to get any of the really combative pairs to agree to this. But only imagine! Danielle Staub and her daughters...Suri Cruise and Katie...and at least half the contestants on Toddlers in Tiaras. Now, that's some fashion transference we'd like to see. Which is not to say we won't totally be watching this, too. It's a sad truth universally acknowledged that, If you dress it and put it on cable, we will come.

You're Wearing That?!? [We]

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Oh christ, another show to give my mom ideas...she would probably have me in something like a paisley burqa. Covers all the weight I've supposedly put on, but with an all over print to make it "fun."

Seriously, though, shows like this make me there a reel of "What Not To Wear" where they ambush someone who's been nominated and everything just goes tits up? Like they pop out of nowhere with the person's friends and the person who nominated them and it ends up being the last straw and the person never speaks to their nominator again? I think that's what my reaction would be.