The Most Regal 'Selfie' You Will Ever See in Your Life

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Everyone gets in on the action in this, perhaps the greatest selfie of any family ever.

OK, OK, I know it's not real (YES, EVERYONE CALM DOWN, THEY ARE LOOKALIKES, SORRY IT'S NOT REAL). But I am still crazy over this "Royal Family" selfie. It's a spoof by photographer Alison Jackson to commemorate Kate Middleton's first Mother's Day (which is very sweet, actually.)

Kate, who is actually the UK's top lookalike Gabriella Douglas, is seen being bronzed while wearing rollers and a dressing gown. Meanwhile a very cute baby George lookalike toddles around as Carole Middleton gets her wig checked and Prince William gets the party started by taking selfies with his grandmother, the Queen.


If you took the Queen out (because there's no way I would believe that she has a smartphone and takes "selfies") this might actually be sort of believable. Hey, it fooled me for two seconds until I adjusted my reading glasses and got a better look.

The best part? How about "the Queen's" corgi phone? You know, I bet she has an actual corgi phone like this, too. I'm sure of it.

Image via Alison Jackson.

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Kate Middleton (imposter) even has the upper lip down to a science.

THAT, my friends, is dedication.