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The Most Popular CEOs Are Mostly White Men

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Last week, Glassdoor released a list of the top 51 CEOs in America, according to approval ratings from their own employees. There are only two women on the list and few people of color.


Glassdoor's 2014 list is actually a step up from last year's list, which included only Sharen Turney of Victoria's Secret. Turney is still on this year's list; she's moved up from 41 to 35 in the rankings. Joining her is Marissa Mayer of Yahoo, who comes in at 50. Turney has an 85 percent approval rating and Mayer has a 79 percent approval rating. Glassdoor's list of the 25 highest rated CEOs of small and medium-sized companies has no women on it.

As Think Progress points out, this list is an unhappy representation of two things we know about women in the business world: that there are few of them running companies of any size and that when they are in charge, they're often not liked. Even if female CEOs were liked more consistently by their employees, it'd be hard for more of them to show up on this list because there just aren't many to start with. Women currently hold 4.6 percent of CEO positions at Fortune 500 companies. On that list, Yahoo ranks 494th.


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This Is A Dead Account

There's a deeper issue at play here, too, which is the way that our current system/culture pits women against one another and communicates to us that there are a finite number of jobs/men/happily-ever-afters and we'd better scramble and fuck each other over if we want to get ahead. I could write a novel about this but in short: the only way we're going to get to equal footing is if we actively try to fight the internalized misogyny that has been pounded into our ladybrains since birth. If we don't start giving each other the benefit of the doubt, nobody else is going to.