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The Most Disgusting Piece Of Jewelry You May Ever See

Illustration for article titled The Most Disgusting Piece Of Jewelry You May Ever See

Made from sterling silver, freshwater pearl, copper, enamel and created an actual metalsmith, this jazzed-up whitehead is available for purchase on Etsy for $163 dollars. A bargain!


Creator Winona Johnson says:

I am just going to come out and say it.....I like popping pimples, zits, black heads, white heads, you name it I like to pick at it! Disgusting I know, but I have a feeling I am not alone. I am just one of the few that will admit it and come out of the closet. I think this will be a first in a series of skin related jewelry. I have been thinking about this for a while and this ring project gave me a place to start. I think the picking stems from my nervous habits and anxiety. I am better at trying not to destroy my skin, but I still have a long road to be continued.


So if you're an incessant zit-popper looking for a way to satisfy your urges — or just like grossing people out with your signature style — hurry up and place an order because there's only one left!

[Etsy Via Oddity Central]

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I actually find this ring to be hilarious. TMI to follow?

I hate popping pimples but I love pressing down on my nose so that all the oil & dirt in my blackheads "squiggles"out. I also love scratching my head and fishing out the dandruff flakes from in between my strands of hair. Bonus love for having so many flakes that I have to comb it out.

My husband always tries to stop me from scratching my head, yet he's the one who pops pimples on his chest.