The Monster Looks Terrifying As Hell, If You Like That Sort Of Thing

It’s October, which means that many of you fine folk are jonesing for a few scary flicks. I am not among you, but I respect your tastes and thus present the trailer for Bryan Bertino’s The Monster.


According to Vulture, the premise is as follows: Kathy (Zoe Kazan) is a divorced mother driving her daughter (Ella Ballantine) to visit her father. They depart after Kathy receives an emergency phone call and make their way through—cue horror trope—a dark and stormy night. As she swerves to miss an animal, Kathy wrecks the car, leaving mother and daughter on a forsaken road, vulnerable to a mysterious and sinister creature who is ready to attack.

I could barely make it through the trailer, but then, I’m undone by all the trademark horror conventions: the ghostly singing of a solitary child, foreboding wilderness, the looming possibility of a sudden and gruesome death. Also, monsters? Nah.


In any case, The Monster looks very scary, and if that’s your thing, then you should check it out. Although it won’t hit theaters until November 11, DirecTV customers can watch it now.

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Not into watching scary movies but I do love to read the Wikipedia plot summaries for them. Will be checking this one out!