The Mindy Project's Canceled But Perhaps It's Not Over?

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Mindy Kaling’s sitcom The Mindy Project has been cancelled, but it might get a second life on Hulu.

Though Fox failed to renew the comedy after its third season, which included the fantastic “Is Danny a Stripper?” episode—Yes, yes he was—the show’s producer Universal Television is currently in talks with the online television platform to create many more seasons, via EW. Like Community, now all fans will have to do is ... subscribe to another online service. Cool. More Mindy loves Danny Castellano for all.

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Quality has not been consistent, but I love this show and I really hope Hulu picks it up. If only for the sexiness that is Danny.

Also Hulu is a great service to have if you don’t have cable. I think its only like 8/month and with the trifecta of Hulu, HBOgo and Netflix, you will never need cable again!