Watching the Super Bowl yesterday, my girls and I realized something: the Seattle Seahawks are kind of a cute team. From QB Russell Wilson — the second-ever black QB to win the big game — to Bruce Irvin to Bruce Irvin's adorable kid, the smile of a victor is an attractive smile, indeed.

First up, here's Ricardo Lockette and his great smile and nice arms.

Percy Harvin looks like he'd be fun to talk smack and play poker with.

When I saw Russell Wilson talking about keeping his team focused on the win, I said out loud that he was somebody's baby. Somebody's cute baby.

Here's MVP winner Malcolm Smith. And as long as we're talking about aesthetically pleasing gentlemen, I dare say that getting divorced has been the best thing that's happened to Fox Sports commentator and Kelly and Michael co-host Michael Strayhan. He's looking good.

Kam Chancellor has another great smile, plus arms that look ripe for a cuddle.

And then there's Richard Sherman. The guy took a misplaced roar of testosterone and turned the backlash into a lesson on knee-jerk racism. We find that sort of thoughtful reflection rather attractive.

Heyyyyy, Bobby Wagner.

It wouldn't be easy, but if it were a choice between Bruce Irvin and his adorable baby boy, the kid wins hands-down. He is the Super Bowl's Most Valuable Baby. Those cheeks! That jersey!

And last but not least, we couldn't forget about the silver fox, coach Pete Carroll, who looks ready for his Cialis commercial close-up while driving a 1965 Mustang or something. Sorry ladies, he's taken.

Images via Getty.