The Mashup You Never Knew You Needed: 'Parks And Rec' Meets 'Twin Peaks'

This is the kind of video that really speaks for itself. And a shining example of why the interwebs is the best invention in the history of anything ever. Thanks to a couple of likeminded crazies who clearly have nothing better to do with their time than create gems that add a wee sparkle to your day, we now have one of our favorite comedies and nightmarish dramas forever fused together in our minds. Someone needs to forward this to Amy Poehler, stat! Peaks And Recreation? I'd watch that show. Editors Charles Pieper and David Koenig, we salute you – not to mention your slow clap-inducing clip choice for Lara Flynn Boyle.

Peaks And Recreation [Vimeo]

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Countess Ivy (formerly Gaenor)

Jezzies, I am heartbroken. I sat my parents down with my P&R season one DVD.

They thought it was silly.

Shows I have converted my parents to:


Nurse Jackie

Coupling (UK)

30 Rock

Mad Men


I mean, whenever my dad wants to watch a new show, he comes over to my apartment and rifles through my DVDs!

I'm trying to get them to watch season 2 now, but it's not looking too likely.