In a move that has left some of its members disgruntled, the U.S. Marines Corps has decided to make a number of their service titles gender neutral by removing the word ā€œmanā€ from combat jobsā€”and as you might have guessed by now, some dudes be angry.

The change comes months after women who completed the necessary certificationsā€”which totaled at roughly 233 enlisteesā€”were officially allowed to apply for combat jobs, according to new guidelines laid out by the Marinesā€™ new integration plan.


Via The Washington Post:

The list of jobs removes the word ā€œmanā€ from 15 of the titles and replaces it with Marine. In other changes, ā€œantitank missilemanā€ has been renamed ā€œantitank gunner,ā€ and ā€œfield artillery operations manā€ is now ā€œfield artillery operations chief.ā€ The other three title changes pertain to positions associated with reconnaissance Marine (formerly reconnaissance man) occupational specialties.

While some positions will remain the same in name, such as ā€œmortarmanā€ and ā€œrifleman,ā€ 19 out of 29 of the titles will officially change.


As has become expected in the blighted wasteland of Drumpfian-era politics, many former and current Marinesā€”almost all of them maleā€”are blaming the change in nomenclature on the general blanket scapegoat ā€œpolitical correctness.ā€

ā€œOn one hand, the name changes from ā€˜manā€™ to ā€˜personā€™ or whatever they want to call it doesnā€™t really matter. They could call mortarmen bakers for all I care,ā€ said Sergeant Geoff Heath, a Marine rifleman and combat veteran, in an interview with WaPo. ā€œBut on the other, itā€™s a direct reflection on societyā€™s crybaby political correctness.ā€

Other statements WaPo kindly collected from Terminal Lanceā€”a Facebook group dedicated to the comic of the same name whose subject matter centers around Marine cultureā€”indicate similar sentiments.


ā€œNot really seeing why this matters,ā€ wrote one commentor. ā€œA marine is a marine. If this triggers you well ā€¦ not really sure what to say honestly. Youā€™d think someone who has seen combat would have more stones.ā€

Another Marine added ā€œlol glad i only got a few months left [sic].ā€

The Marines are expected to make an official statement about the changes sometime in the near future.


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