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The Marine Corps is preparing to welcome its first-ever woman infantry officer to its legendarily macho ranks, pending her expected graduation from the extremely rigorous 13-week Infantry Officer Course next week, the Washington Post reports.

In the two years since the Marines lifted its remaining restrictions on women, a total of 32 have attempted to pass “the course,” which makes it sound more like Drivers Ed at the local community center and not what it actually is: A grueling hell slog in which Marine hopefuls have to carry a load of 152 pounds for almost 10 miles, among other unpleasant tasks.

The woman, who has not been identified, is not expected to do any media interviews, with sources telling the Post that she’ll prefer to be a “quiet professional” and “just do her job,” which I hope is her personal terminology and not the Marines’ attempt to wave away distracting media attention because god forbid she become any sort of role model for girls with military ambitions!

The new class will be attending a celebratory “warrior breakfast”around 35 miles south of their training grounds at Quantico on Monday. Their only remaining graduation requirements now are a few administrative tasks and to return their training equipment, and then I guess the real adventure begins.


Correction: The woman is the first woman officer to lead an infantry platoon, not the first woman officer.