The Live TV Marriage Proposal: Sweet Or Scary?

If you haven't noticed, it's a painfully slow news day, which is probably why Today decided to give a man some camera time so he could pop the question to his galpal.

While the idea is sweet, nothing scares us more than being proposed to in front of an audience—let alone on live, national television at 9:30 a.m.—because you are almost required to say "yes" and seem happy even if you will tell your dude "thanks, but no thanks" later on.


sarah.of.a.lesser.god (aka Mrs. BrutallyHonestHobbit)

They showed a public proposal during NYE coverage on CNN and the woman did not look happy. Either because the guy is a douche or because it was fucking freezing and she didn't want to be outside anymore.

My ex proposed at a restaurant where we had our first date, and the waiters all clapped and actually comped our meal. Which made it awkward when he dumped me at the same restaurant a few months later.