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The Latest Trailer for Inside Out Finally Reveals Some Plot

I challenge you to watch the latest Inside Out trailer without flashing back to puberty.


Via the Verge, the new trailer offers a deeper look at the actual plot, which seems to involve Sadness infecting one of the protagonist's memories and then getting lost with Joy in Riley's subconsciousness. In other words: Adolescence! Can't wait to go see this movie and watch all the adults scare the crap out of the children in the audience because they're crying so hard over how awful their teenage years were. But in a good way.

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This looks like an animation masterpiece created with the sole purpose of making me cry and cry and cry. thank you. I've worked way too hard burying my adolescence behind a veil of cynicism and regret to walk down memory lane with Pixar. Please take your kids and kindly tell me how it ends.