The Latest Episode of RHOD Was One Long Fight About Whether LeeAnne Once Shit into a Bag in a Car

I don’t watch The Real Housewives of Dallas on any regular schedule, because it doesn’t have quite the right mix I require in my favorite iterations of the Real Housewives franchise, but I wish I’d watched it live on Sunday night. That’s because the entire episode circled around a fight over who revealed to the group that LeeAnne had once shit into a bag during a long car ride.

A self-described former “carny kid,” LeeAnne has butted heads with just about everyone in the cast of this show, apparently due to the fact that, after a troubled childhood, she blows up at others quite easily. That tendency makes her the perfect center of this pretty lackluster group of women, who spent the episode having what was supposed to be a relaxing bonding weekend at a lake house Austin (we know where this is going). But as Bravo puts it, “On the trip down, LeeAnne is shocked to learn that everyone is ‘in’ on the details of an embarrassing secret from her past.” That secret?

LeeAnne once shit in a bag in the back of a car.

“This was something that was very intimate that was shared between three people, and no one had my permission to share it,” she said. The rest of the episode was literally one reverberation after the next from that one fight, with LeeAnne apparently waking the other women up in the middle of the night as she screamed at her friend Marie, who she thought had shared the story with the others.


“I can literally hear my heart leaking into my gut,” she said of the betrayal. This show has truly delivered all it promised to.

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