The Latest Catalog Technology Makes It Possible To Gawk At Models In Underwear

Moosejaw, an outdoor gear retailer, has a very special feature in this year's catalog: Customers can check out each model in his or her underwear. Using an augmented reality app — available for iPhones, iPads, and Android — a person can wave their gadget over a model in the catalog and see her in the exact same pose, but wearing only undergarments. It's kind of the modern version of X-Ray specs from the back of comic books… But real! (Sorta.)


While the app is certainly a creative way to get folks talking about your brand — seriously, everyone loves pseudo-nudity — it might be counterproductive, considering how barely-dressed models can distract from the task at hand, selling outerwear. Maybe the company will start offering fancy lingerie to go with all those snow boots and down jackets?

[Via Ad Freak]

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