The Latest Addition to the 'Docuseries' Trend Will Cover JonBenet Ramsey

Screenshot via CBS.
Screenshot via CBS.

In its first season, CBS’s new docuseries, The Case Of, will re-examine the murder of six-year-old JonBenet Ramsey. The CBS series the latest addition to the crime docuseries trend of the past couple of years. The success of The Jinx, O.J.: Made in America, and Making a Murderer, coupled with the 20th anniversary of Ramsey’s murder, made the subject primed for the documentary-style treatment.

The Hollywood Reporter notes that the series will feature the original investigative team, as well as new experts to ostensibly reinvestigate the cold case:

Several individuals involved with the original murder investigation will return in the series, including former New York City prosecutor, retired FBI supervisory special agent and profiler Jim Clemente; world-renowned forensic scientist Dr. Henry Lee; former chief investigator for the District Attorney in Boulder, Colo., James Kolar; leading forensic pathologist Dr. Werner Spitz; and retired FBI supervisory special agent and forensic linguistic profiler James Fitzgerald.

The Case of also will bring several new experts into the fold, including former New Scotland Yard criminal behavioral analyst Laura Richards and retired FBI supervisory special agent and statement analyst Stan Burke.


According to CBS, the new experts will essentially reinvestigate the case, using up-to-date forensic technology. To add to the melodrama, the network has also reconstructed the crime scene, “by rebuilding full-scale replicas of key rooms,” of the Ramsey house.

Ramsey was murdered in her Boulder, Colorado home in 1996 and the case drew—and continues to draw—substantial interest. So much so that the 20th anniversary of her death has created a morbid cottage industry dedicated to the young girl’s death. In addition to CBS’s docuseries, which will air in three installments in September, Investigation Discovery will also air their own three-part series. But two docuseries dedicated to the cold case are not, apparently, enough death spectacle. Lifetime will premiere its original movie, Who Killed JonBenet?, and feature film, Casting JonBenet, described as “part documentary, part narrative feature,” is also in the works.

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Let’s all not be assholes and fall into blaming Burke, who was nine at the time and probably did not have the know-how to make that garrote. From what I heard from friends’ younger siblings who went to school with him, he was normal if a little messed up from all the media finger pointing. Just seems cruel to go after him when he was so young.