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The Late Show Adds Jena Friedman To Writing Staff

Illustration for article titled The emLate Show/em Adds Jena Friedman To Writing Staff

Splitsider reports that the Late Show With David Letterman has hired local stand-up comic Jena Friedman, marking the first time in history that more than one woman has worked on the show's full-time writing staff. (The show's only other female writing staffer joined the team in 2009 — a time when there were no women on the staff, Letterman was amid a work-related sex scandal, and an ex-writer for the show told Vanity Fair it was a "hostile work environment.) You may recognize Jena from this faux Plan B commercial, her rejected American Girl dolls, or her spot-on parody of an NYT Wedding Vows video in which (below). Congrats, Jena!


(Full disclosure: my first gig in New York City was working as a page at Letterman and my experience was fantastic.)

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TWO women working on his show? At the same time? Next they'll be wanting their own bathroom.

I'm all for equality and everything, but this is getting out of hand. Those women are taking jobs that would otherwise go to qualified male applicants.

Someone needs to stand up for the menz. Where's Scott Adams?