The Ladies Of Sister Wives Enjoy Baby-Making, The Kids, Not So Much

On last night's season finale of Sister Wives, Robyn, the newest wife, gave birth to a baby boy, Solomon. Meri, who has been married to Kody the longest, but only has one child, Mariah, was extremely excited about the arrival of a new baby — she bought the unborn kid clothes and insisted that she be called, even in the middle of the night, if Robyn went into labor. Meri has spoken about her fertility issues on the show, and she noted that while she was happy about a new baby, it would be different than if it were her own child. Robyn did go into labor in the middle of the night, and had a home birth without any epidural, because, she explained, having a baby is "what God designed a woman's body to do." After she gave birth, she asked for some alone time with Meri. "I want to get you while you're good and emotional," Robyn said. And then she asked a huge question: "I want to know if you want me to be your surrogate." Cliffhanger!

Meanwhile, the Brown kids seemed pretty sick of all the procreation. Hunter said, "I honestly think we already have almost more kids than we can handle." Madison agreed, "I don't know if I really feel happy that we're having a baby… We have so many kids right now." Mariah, on the other had, already loves her unborn half-brother Solomon, and made him a baby blanket.


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Exactly why is the fact that she had a homebirth without pain meds mentioned, and in that fashion? Because only crazy bible thumpers do that? Seriously?