Wait, Rachel Weisz is married to Daniel Craig? Did everyone know this but me? I am usually on top of which celebrities are putting their parts in which celebrities' holes!!! Especially when one of them was in The Mummy! Anyway, here's a weird story about what Weisz got their kid for its birthday:

The 42-year-old is busy promoting spy thriller The Bourne Legacy and it seems this, combined with being married to the world's most famous spy, has left her son Henry, 6, also keen to get in on the action.

"For my son's birthday, he just got this little plastic lie detector test," revealed Rachel.

"He makes me put my fingers on it and he asks me questions. I turn it around on him and ask questions like, ‘Did you eat your vegetables at school today?' It has been fun."


Where. Do. You. Even. Buy. That. [Express]