The Kids Are All Right

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"Just don't fault my generation for a lack of trying. Fault Ms. Gilbert, Ms. Gottlieb and their ilk-those who project their own neuroses on to the rest of us." — Hannah Seligson, on Committed, Marry Him, and dating today [WSJ]




WHYYY? Seriously! I just got out of a year long relationship that I thought was "the one". It ended HELLISHLY. I learned a lot about how much people can hide and how it is not good to rush anything. I have been single for about 5 months now. I have grown so much as a woman and a person in 5 months that I would trade it for nothing.

After we broke up, I got clarity. I realized that my ex was not stable. He was selfish and I deserved someone who wasn't worried about competing with me, but supporting me. He was upset because my career as a researcher and grad student is just taking off now and his was getting tough because of his own laziness. He blamed it on me and anyone else but himself.

He wanted me back.

Screw him. Not interested.

I could have listened to "Marry Him" and settled because Lord knows I'm "not getting any younger", but thankfully I have strong women around me - advisors who are there for me academically and outside of the classroom, friends who are STRONG women, a godmother who didn't have kids and married a guy that she loved but knew would never be rich, and a mother who refused to settle and was a TRUE Mary Tyler Moore devotee.

Why can't I be Mary? Right now I feel like Mary! Why can't I love ME because I am an amazing woman with so much to offer this world right now and focus on my world. Someone will come my way eventually. Things happen when you aren't looking. I will NOT settle. That is the problem with this generation.