The Kevin Spacey Foundation, Created to Support Young Artists, Is Being Shut Down

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Kevin Spacey was removed from the board of his namesake organization, the Kevin Spacey Foundation (founded with the purpose of inspiring and supporting young people in the arts), last November after several accusations of sexual assault and harassment were made against him. Now, the board has announced that the UK-based organization will be shut down entirely.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the trustees posted the simple announcement to their website on Tuesday:

“The trustees have reached the conclusion that the work of the Kevin Spacey Foundation UK is no longer viable and as such the foundation will be closing on the 28 February 2018,” it read. “The trustees would like to thank all their partners, artists and organizations for the great work that has been done in association with the foundation. The trustees hope that the objects of the charity will be taken forward by other organizations.”


The Kevin Spacey Foundation was established in 2008, while Spacey was the artistic director of London’s Old Vic theatre. Old Vic has established a new system for reporting harassment since the allegations against Spacey came out. More than 20 people from the theatre eventually came forward about Spacey, alleging sexual misconduct. He is currently being investigated by Scotland Yard.

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That is very sad, I’m sure they helped a lot of people. I wonder why they didn’t consider a name change and re-org, re-brand in order to keep things going?