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The Karlie Kloss '73 Questions' Video Is Definitely the Worst One, Right?

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To actually enjoy Vogue’s 73 Questions series is to give into the glamorous fallacy that famous people are witty. The clips are the result of meticulous edits and scripted replies, which somehow manage to appear fluid—a combination of personalized questioning and celebrity subjects up for the task of playing the role of themselves—and Karlie Kloss, soon to be Karlie Kloss-Kushner, fucked the whole thing up.


Her video begins with the supermodel stumbling her way through a greeting, telling the interviewer she began her day by making the decision to “take a subway” or not. (“Take a subway” feels like phrasing used by the well-to-do meant to relate to the have-nots, like “If I can do it, so can you!” or anything Elon Musk tweets.) Kloss walks Vogue through a rented WeWork space, where she places the young women in her Kode with Klossy tech camp on display. She refers to them as “my scholars” and “my Klossettes,” which is a weird way to claim ownership over a service that is suppose to provide girls with autonomy in and out of the tech sphere.

Most of the 73 questions are about tech and tinged with feminism; Kloss offers answers like, “I was really curious about this mysterious language that was building the technology that touches my life,” and “At its core, [coding] is a language that builds that technology.”

She also runs into YouTuber Casey Neistat, a middle-age man who skateboards over to her to ask about her upcoming betrothal to Joshua Kushner, Jared Kushner’s brother who is certainly Trump-adjacent. She doesn’t give anything away. Then she FaceTimes plus-size supermodel Ashley Graham who is more interesting in three seconds of screen time than any other moment in the previous eight minutes.


And before you write this post off as simply bitter, Kloss ends it all by throwing a laptop into her purse without a protective carrying case:

Illustration for article titled The Karlie Kloss i/i73 Questions Video Is Definitely the Worst One, Right?

That is NUTS.

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