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The confusing three-year court battle between the Kardashian sisters and Kroma Makeup has reportedly come to an end, so now both parties can get their beauty rest.

In 2013, Kroma Makeup and founder Lee Tillett filed a trademark infringement counter suit against Kim, Kourtney, Khloe and their parent company Boldface. Because the name was too similar, the Kardashians were forced to pull their Kardashian Khroma beauty products from stores. It’s a Kroma-eat-Khroma world.

Although an undisclosed settlement was reached in 2014, the legal drama persisted because Kroma founder Lee Tillett wouldn’t split the settlement money with the European part of the company. And so, Kroma EU filed its own suit, which is what a judge recently dismissed. TMZ reports that “a judge threw out the lawsuit, saying Euro Kroma didn’t have a dog in the fight...only Tillett did, and he already settled.”

The Kardashians have since rebranded their company formerly known as Khroma to Kardashian Beauty, which seems like it should’ve been the name in the first place.