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The Kardashians Keep Kopying Kim in the Kardashian Khristmas Special Teaser

Christmas may have well been cancelled last year when the Kardashians withheld their annual Christmas card, but rest assured, the tradition is back and there will be another awkwardly staged Kardashian Khristmas photo this year, as well as a hokey Christmas special.


This year’s chosen storyline for the special, which airs November 26, finds Kim obsessed with the idea of her family members copying her Christmas decorations (last year Kourtney copied her lights and Kris copied her wrapping paper, the nerve!)—“I will come for them if they copy anything that I’m doing,” Kim fictitiously threatens. Kris, of course, agrees to play the villain and mess with her daughter’s feelings by stealing her ideas.

There’s almost no guarantee that this episode will be entertaining (Khloe and Kris have a bakeoff), but it will certainly be filled with holiday spirit. The most frightening image in the world other than Jonathan Cheban on a normal day is the image of Jonathan Cheban (I think?) dressed as Santa.

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Culture Editor, Jezebel

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I only came here to say that their so called Christmas cards really irritated me because there is nothing seasonal about them. It’s every dressed up in black looking serious and solemn. I mean, they have all the money to do a fun festive prop filled card idea and it’s just another sexy photoshoot, something they do everyday.

I’m really just jealous because I try to do a family Christmas card every year and I have no budget to bring my grand ideas to life and it’s just us sitting on the floor in front of our tree every year