The John Stamos Guide To Cuddling

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"If you truly want to win over a woman, the real key is the cuddle," says the timelessly handome John Stamos in his video tutorial explaining his patented "Stamos Snugglefest." His silly moves include The Stamos Soother, The Stamos Spoonful, and The Stamos S'Touching (Her With Your Fingers); and his advice is pretty forward-thinking: "Traditionally, a man plays the role of the big spoon. But folks, it's 2011 and even the most feminine woman can feel equally at home spooning her man." High five, Uncle Jesse.


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Sorcia MacNasty

Step 1: Be John Stamos

Step 2: Find a straight woman/gay man (preferably one who grew up with Full House)

Step 3: Let the snuggling commence!