The IT Crowd's Maurice Moss Might Be Your New Great British Bake Off Host

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The Great British Bake Off, a show about fancy cakes, has been the subject of much controversy and drama since the program announced its move from the BBC to Channel 4 last month. The hosts have been dropping like flies, and someone very charming and English needs to fill their position immediately.


Leading the pack of thirsty new heartthrobs is the IT Crowd’s Richard Ayoade, who is extremely adept at playing a very cute nerd. According to a source that spoke with The Sun, Bake Off would love for him to be their very own cute nerd, who makes the UK forget how angry they are about the show switching channels:

“Richard is a really popular choice at the minute, as many think he’s got a great character that would bring a great spark to the show....He’s got a wonderful off-beat sense of humor, which would really fit the change of channel – and would no doubt be a popular choice with viewers too.

“It’s still early days, but he is definitely up there and now the leading candidate.”

In all the devastation about who would still be on the show and who wouldn’t, we’ve forgotten a potential fun thing about the network change—wildly speculating about replacement cast. Ayoade is a good first suggestion, but who is the person you picture when you close your eyes and dream of cake talk?

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Chad Ghostal

If you get a chance, Richard Ayoade (especially with Noel Fielding) is hilarious on UK quiz shows, and he’s done a few travelogues and gadgetry series. I can’t get enough of his wit and demeanor, and like me he’s half-Norwegian.