The Internet Made a Sweet Crush Song and, Uh, Weezer Covered Toto's 'Africa'


Yes, yes: The Internet, “Come Over”: Do you see that butterfly calmly flittering in the sky? That’s the vision and feeling I get listening to this Internet record (partly because it does contain the word “butterflies”), which reminds me of the type of the songs I’d cue up as a loveless teen while daydreaming about a crush as I sat at home alone doing nothing, which is to say this is sweet. —Clover Hope

No thanks!!!: Weezer, “Africa” (Toto Cover) — You might be asking yourself, “Why would Weezer, a band I stopped caring about over a decade ago, cover Toto’s “Africa,” the 1982 rawk song about cultural appropriation?” You’d be right to—and if you’re not, maybe you should? There’s no real way to justify this cover’s existence, except that it was birthed following a months-long Twitter campaign by an Ohio teenager named Mary (maybe you’ve seen the hashtag #WeezerCoverAfrica floating around.) While I love and support adolescent resourcefulness, I don’t love or support Weezer’s bullshit nerd misogyny, which makes any “quirky” endeavor like this completely fucking infuriating instead of delightful, or whatever. Sorry, man-children! I would say “Try again!” but, uh, don’t. Just don’t. —Maria Sherman

~* yes *~: LUMP, “May I Be The Light” — If you’re a fan of folk singer (and feminist podcaster!) Laura Marling you might be interested in her new project LUMP, created with musician Mike Lindsay of the band Tunng. It’s been exciting to hear Marling expand the reaches of her sound with Lindsay’s more psychedelic compositions, but their latest nonsensical song, “May I Be The Light,” might be closer to Marling’s typical wheelhouse. It starts out with some good advice on leaving your bed tidy (useful!) but ends with Marling sounding as if she’s overcome with a divine revelation by the end as she asks to be “the light.” The vibe suits her! —Hazel Cills

Y: Rosalía, “Malamente” — Barcelona singer Rosalía has the best song on the new J. Balvin album (“Brillo,” get into it), and her new jam, produced by El Guincho, proves why she is such a star: she can turn her first love of flamenco into a weird R&B jam and also do some video choreo in the back of a truck, while a guy in a traditional capirote skateboards on a deck of nails. A haunting little track! —Julianne Escobedo Shepherd

Hell yeah: Blushh, “I’m Over It” — Everything you need to know about this song is in the title. Blushh, the LA power-pop outfit of Shab Ferdowsi, puts pent-up feelings to words on this rollicking, summer-ready track. Ferdowsi’s voice, at times nasal-y, rings out loud and clear over static-y guitars and impatient drums. It’s fun because you believe her: that no matter what’s coming next, whatever the song’s narrator’s been through has been annoying as heck!! There’s value in acknowledging that, in shouting it out at the top of your lungs. —Frida Garza

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