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The Ideal Man Manllow: They Supply The Space, You Supply The Face

Illustration for article titled The Ideal Man Manllow: They Supply The Space, You Supply The Face

Are you looking for a creepy addition to your bedroom, but can't quite decide which person should be the object of your somewhat terrifying obsession? Well, fear not, for the "Ideal Man Manllow" is here.


The "manllow," created by Etsy user manllow (naturally), comes with a customizable face, allowing buyers to slide a photograph of whatever person they please into the head of the pillow, making it a faux companion to adore/scare other family members with. Says the seller: "This manllow is the perfect gift for people in long distance relationships, have significant others in the military or who they just don't see all that much. It's ALSO perfect for those who do have a man around and just want something more comfortable to cuddle with when they're sleeping. It could be a joke. It could be for reals. It's up to you to decide." [Etsy]

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'The Ideal Man Manilow'

I was all set to send this article to my mom at first. Oh, INTERNET - you with your neologisms and your (justified?) lack of interest in the artist known as Barry.