The House of Commons Will Introduce Proxy Voting for MPs on Parental Leave

After an MP delayed her child’s birth for an important vote, the House of Commons is going to test out a proxy voting system for members on parental leave.


The Guardian reported that the move comes in the wake of Labour MP Tulip Siddiq delaying the cesarean birth of her son in order to vote against Theresa May’s Brexit proposal. Originally it looked like someone could vote in her stead, before the Conservatives informed her she wold have to go in person. So in person she went! An act of sheer cussedness that should serve as an inspiration to us all, but hopefully one that will not be necessary in the future:

Leadsom, the leader of the Commons, told MPs that a motion approving the scheme would be on the order paper for approval by the house on Monday 28 January.

She said: “I am delighted to be able to confirm to the house today that a substantive motion on proxy leave in the case of maternity, paternity and adoption has been tabled today for the house’s agreement on Monday 28 January.

“This is a step forward, removing the choice between parliamentary and parental responsibilities, and helping to make parliament a more modern workplace,” she said.

They’re going to test it out for a year. Siddiq responded favorably from home, newborn tucked into her arm.

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Mortal Dictata

“Originally it looked like someone could vote in her stead, before the Conservatives informed her she wold have to go in person.”

It’s also been reported she was offered a “pairing” with an MP who’d vote the opposite way to her but because that had been breached (by the Tories who claim accidentally but it was a close vote on a key issue so do the maths) she had no faith in the system so volunteered to go to the vote.

This change was meant to have been done a year ago but just like everything else it’s been delayed by the continued ballsup of Brexit.

It also only seems to be for maternity and paternity leave which is bloody stupid, so MPs on deaths door will continue to be brought to the parliamentary estate so their vote can be counted, as happened with the Maastricht treaty in the 90s.