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The Hot Felon Is Expecting a Baby With the Topshop Heiress

They gotta have each other...and their java.
They gotta have each other...and their java.
Photo: Backgrid

Less than a year into a whirlwind romance that began on a yacht at Cannes and continued on other yachts across other countries, Chloe Topshop Green (aka the Topshop Heiress) and Jeremy Meeks (aka the Hot Felon) are expecting their first child together.


Meeks rose to fame back in 2014, when a mugshot (taken upon his arrest for being a “felon in possession of a firearm and grand theft”) went viral on the internet due to him being both sexy and under arrest. He was dubbed Hot Felon because, well, you know. After being released from prison in 2016, he began a surprisingly successful modeling career.

Green, the 27-year-old socialite daughter of British fashion billionaire Philip Green, rose to international fame (or something resembling it) after appearing on a single season of the hit E4 reality show Made In Chelsea. She’s known as the Topshop Heiress because her father is the chairman of the retail group that includes, well, you know.


This will be Topshop Heiress’s first child, but Hot Felon’s second. Last summer, his ex-wife Melissa made headlines after revealing she learned of Meeks’s infidelity via paparazzi pics, and the couple went through a nasty divorce that was finalized just this month.

A source “close to Melissa” spoke to Hollywood Life after the pregnancy news dropped Tuesday night, saying:

“Melissa knows this game already that Jeremy is running on Chloe. She’s been through it before. While Jeremy was running the streets, she was taking care of their children and working hard to provide for them. He’s a mooch, and he put Chloe right where he wanted her to make his move.”

Staff Writer, Jezebel | Man

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The baby has his mother’s eyes and his father’s neck tattoos