The Hollywood Sex Ring Lawsuits Might Be Slowly Unraveling

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On Wednesday, Michael Egan dropped his lawsuit against TV executive Garth Ancier, one of several men named in the Bryan Singer Hollywood teen sex abuse lawsuit. And on Thursday, BuzzFeed released a story alleging that one of the men who helped bring Egan into a dark world of men who have sex with underage boys (and who is a registered sex offender), Marc Collins-Rector, is living "alone and infirm" in Europe.


The lawsuit against Ancier is the second suit that Egan has filed and dropped; he did the same thing with David Neuman, though Egan later refiled that suit, reports Variety. All men involved have denied the claims against them and asked that the cases be thrown out. Several say that they've never been to the Hawaiian home where these events allegedly took place, or couldn't have been in Hawaii at that time. Previous testimony by Egan in another case has also been used against him to discredit his recent allegations.

After publishing a piece in April claiming that Collins-Rector was missing, BuzzFeed spent the next few months trying to figure out where he'd gone missing to. They've now found it: he's living in Antwerp, having spent the past several years moving around the United States and Europe, attempting (and failing) to start numerous successful business ventures.


Collins-Rector would not speak to BuzzFeed, but according to their sources, he wants to get rich again and "exact revenge on the man he blames for driving him from America in the first place and pushing him into his long fall, [Hollywood executive] David Geffen":

Collins-Rector now lives alone in a top-floor apartment in a neighborhood near the Royal Museum of Fine Arts in the south of Antwerp. In late May, a BuzzFeed reporter knocked on his door. Slow, struggling footsteps approached from the other side, accompanied by the thud of a cane striking the floor. Finally, Collins-Rector opened the door, bearded and smiling, and said, in Flemish, "Yes?" Upon learning the reporter's identity, he slammed the door and refused to answer again. He also did not respond to phone calls, emails, and letters slipped under his door and sent by courier to his address.

BuzzFeed learned from another person living in the same building that Collins-Rector often spends entire nights coughing and almost never leaves home. The apartment, this neighbor said, is filled with computers.


Collins-Rector is one of the few people in this case who is confirmed to actually have knowledge of what went down. As he's hiding away, and as Egan keeps filing and dropping suits, the future seems brighter for this crew of men who once seemed doomed.

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