The Hogwarts Express Is Real, and It Rescues Children

A Disney approximation of the Jacobite. Image via the AP.
A Disney approximation of the Jacobite. Image via the AP.

If you are lost in the Scottish highlands, adorable, and your dad has a cell phone and/or a wand, there is an even chance that you may be rescued by the Hogwarts train. UK media is reporting that Mr. and Mrs. Jon and Helen Cluett and their four children, ranging from ages six to 12, were faced with the prospect of walking three miles in the bog when their canoe was unmoored on a camping trip. So their father Jon called the mountain rescue, and The Jacobite, aka the Hogwarts Express, showed up to get them, the BBC reports–thus saving the family from the selkies and grindylows and other horrors which dwell in large pools of Scottish liquid.


Sadly, no, this was not exactly the Hogwarts Express since Warner Brothers is currently in possession of that locomotive, The Press and Journal reports. But it is owned by the same company which, for all intents and purposes, makes it equally magical.

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I believe that children are supposed to be rescued by the Knight Bus, not the Hogwart’s Express. This is not canon, and I think they should return the family to the highlands until they can work out a more lore-friendly rescue system.