The Hills Have Eyes: Watch Lauren Conrad, Spencer Pratt, and the Cast Stare Into Space

On June 24, MTV will air the revival of TV’s most popular staring contest, The Hills: New Beginnings. Fans of the original series will recall that nearly every episode featured at least one painfully long sequence of characters crying while making direct eye contact, silently judging one another, or emptily looking into the distance.

According to Lo Bosworth, the show’s constant staring is actually the result of editors including clips of the cast waiting quietly for the sound operators to record room tone, which is the ambient noise in a given space. Even if The Hills cast isn’t as spaced out as the editing makes them seem, those never-ending stares were arguably the best part of the show.


Please stare longingly at this video of the cast staring at each other.


Future Cadavre

In some shots, it was also pretty obvious that the vacant staring was one cast member listening to the other cast member speaking. So, they would show footage of Spencer saying “I like cheeseburgers,” and then a clip of Heidi SEEMINGLY staring into space — but you could see at the edge of the frame the side of Spencer’s face mouthing the just-aired“I like cheeseburgers.”

Why they do this, I don’t know. Why I know this: I spent one poverty-stricken summer squatting at my parent’s house, and I immediately revert to a sullen fifteen-year-old upon crossing the threshold into their abode. Thus, garbage MTV binging.

ETA: you also see this a lot of Friends. Which I am presently binge-watching for the second* time in my own house, so I guess I just like dumb TV.

*andbysecondImeanthird :|