The "He's Just Not That Into You" Man Speaks

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"I was a dude that said it, yes, but I also worked on the most female-approved television show in history, and then I was endorsed by Oprah, so I had help. " — Greg Behrendt. [WaPo]

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The irony is that in many ways, acting the way he suggests in "HJNTIY" forces women to act like these insanely hard-to-please bitches.

What? You have a term paper? Fuck you.

I mean, good God — so, what — there should never, ever be anything that comes between a man and his desire to get at your pussy, and if there is, clearly you are a self-deluded psycho?

Oprah's had to retract many of her authors, and Sex and the City has been condemned by some psychologists (the character of Samantha) as promoting unhealthy sexuality.