The Girls Bus Tour Does Not Sound Fun at All

Illustration for article titled The emGirls/em Bus Tour Does Not Sound Fun at All

Hey, America! Do you want to see struggling twenty-somethings milling about in front of New York's most uninspiring architecture? Have I got a deal for you.


The New York Daily News is reporting that On Locations Tours — the company responsible for Sex And The City bus rides — is working on a tour based on the HBO program Girls. Voyagers would be ferried to Brooklyn and shown the Greenpoint coffee shop Café Grumpy as well as a Bushwick warehouse where Shoshanna smoked crack. For those unfamiliar with the alluring sights and sounds of the Empire City, it seems important to point out that these locations are not especially aesthetically pleasing or photogenic. You're not going to see some landmark shit, like the mansion from Cruel Intentions. But this is something Georgette Blau, the president of On Locations Tours is aware of. As she puts it: "The locations aren't exactly glamorous. But they're authentic." They may not be the buildings of this generation but they are buildings. Of a generation. Whatever that means.

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I'm going to start doing a "Chicago P.D." bus tour. "Here's where they filmed a scene under the El tracks. Try to ignore all the trash. It's not glamorous, but it's authentically a trash pit!"

*sits back and waits for the millions to roll in*