The Ghosts Of Camille's Grandparents Out Kelsey Grammer As A Cross-Dresser

This week on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, 90210, Adrienne's husband treated the cast to some "light" plastic surgery. You might be thinking, "plastic surgery and incessant pampering — is that all these bitches do all day long?" Normally you'd be right, but this week, Kyle changed it up by hosting a séance that ended up being equally hilarious and depressingly haunting. For example, Taylor was told that her marriage has "taken a dark turn" and that her husband is about "money, money, money," which she found "hard to swallow" since she and Russell had been trying to work things out in therapy. Knowing what we do about his suicide, this revelation was really creepy.

But here's the real drama: Camille — who said she'd been feeling sad about her divorce from Kelsey — was contacted by her dead grandparents, who urged her to "celebrate, celebrate!" her divorce, because she "didn't recognize" that she wasn't happy. Then, her apparently-once-sassy dead grandma said Camille would be finding love with a great new man soon, "winked" at the medium and added "and he swings in the right direction." The room ignited with laughter as the ladies recalled the times they saw Kelsey dressed as a woman onstage… and the some suspiciously-sized pumps in Camille's home.


Kyle was told by her mother's spirit that she and Kim are feuding so much because "she was Kim's mother in another life." "No wonder! That so makes sense!" exclaimed Kyle. When Kim showed up to the plastic surgery day and sat down with Paul to get her lips worked on, she was asked about her medications. Paul explained that the combination of drugs she's been taking causes her to slur her words and often gives the impression that she's been drinking. Kim said, "Sometimes the cocktails that they give you, sometimes it takes awhile for the doctors to find the right cocktail." Then in a montage that only Bravo could bring us, Kim was pumped full of needles, moaning and crying, right after uttering: "I am afraid that people think I'm drinking. And I hope that I can stay not drinking because I like the way I feel when I don't." Now that you know the cause for Kim's sad slurring, do you feel any less uncomfortable about it?


RIP Lil' Sebastian

I've taken trazodone, and it was actually for depression and as a sleep aid. I always took it right before bed, because I'd get out of it, and not in a fun high way.

Although I still think Kim is abusing Xanax. I had a problem with it - totally doctor prescribed - and seemed to get a better high off of it than most people, although a few friends who were on Prozac (like me) or Lexapro (something Kim's on) said they loved it as well and were usually through it by the third week. She has the slurry speech and the mood swings, and slight problem balancing. And she doesn't seem to actually fall asleep, just appear sleepy, which Xanax seems to do for some people. I would actually be spacey but talkative, almost jabbering. Also, you can take on 2 mg Xanax and have a glass of wine and be almost blackout level intoxicated.

Her emphasis on all doctor prescribed makes me think she knows her 'cocktail' isn't maybe the best thing for her, or for her to take during hours she needs to function.

And thus ends my impression of Dr. Drew!