The Ghost of Helen Gurley Brown Compels Kids to Read

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Helen Gurley Brown is still encouraging people to read from beyond the grave thanks to a $15 million gift from the late Cosmopolitan editor to the New York Public Library.


According to the Post, the Helen Gurley Brown trust says that the gift is meant for an after-school educational program (which will be available at five library branches in Manhattan and the Bronx) for the city’s underserved children. “NYPL BridgeUP” is a five-year program offering academic and social support to 250 New York eighth graders. Students in the program work with recent college grads in groups of ten with the goal of getting on track to attend college or technical school.


[NY Post]

Image via AP, Seth Wenig

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Good for her! "Cosmo" was bullshit, but she's doing (or did) a good thing with some of the $$ she made from "Cosmo." HGB is one of those people that I violently disagree with but can't help but admire at the same time.