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The Garden Of Eden

Illustration for article titled The Garden Of Eden

[Leatherhead, U.K., March 26. Image via Getty]

Carly Shutes, an employee at Chessington World of Adventures, poses for pictures as she enjoys a massage by two Royal Python snakes at a photocall to promote a new theme park ride known as 'KOBRA' in Leatherhead, in south-east England, on March 26, 2010. AFP PHOTO/ADRIAN DENNIS (Photo credit should read ADRIAN DENNIS/AFP/Getty Images)


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I'm confused - naked lady being snuggled by snakes equals come ride our roller coaster how?

Yeah, I know, we use sex, by which we mean naked women, because we don't understand that women have any sexuality of their own, to sell everything these days. Even the joys of going on a roller coaster to 10 year olds.

I fear for the kids growing up surrounded by this shit.