The French Only Use Underwear for Making Omelets, Duh

France is quite a place, isn't it? It's full of candelabras that all sound more or less like Jerry Orbach, crepes, and wormholes that deposit frustrated novelists back among the expatriate writers of 1920s Paris. If all of that weren't enough, France also boasts magic underwear that turns smashed-up eggs into glorious omelets, no spatchula required! It's a little unclear what happens when one actually puts on a pair of this magic omelet-making underwear, but I'm like 87 percent sure that French undercarriages are way too continental for underwear anyway.

via Buzzfeed

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Ah "le slip". My delightfully French ex husband refered to his as "under brief" in English. He preferred to call it this. I still find it amusing.