The French Believe Julian Casablancas Smells Like 'The Essence Of Rock'

Decibel, the new men's fragrance by Azzaro, is packaged in a microphone-shaped bottle and represented by The Strokes' lead singer.


The commercial features Julian Casablancas being groped by the hands of a giant, screaming crowd while his track "I Like The Night" plays in the background. Pitchfork notes that the smell "features top notes of licorice and Amalfi lemon, middle notes of violet and base notes of tonka bean and vanilla." Huh. We thought the "essence of rock" smelled like cigarettes and piss, but maybe we've been going to the wrong shows.

[Pitchfork via Vulture]

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Ari Schwartz: Dark Lord of the Snark

I thought this said "Essence of THE Rock" for a moment and I was really curious.