The Following Lady Gaga Fans Are the Worst:

She really tried. Image via Twitter.
She really tried. Image via Twitter.

Lady Gaga has again fallen ill and cancelled the last ten shows of the European leg of her Joanne World Tour due to her fibromyalgia, an incurable medical condition causing its sufferers chronic pain, fatigue, memory loss, and mood swings, sometimes migraines and irritable bowel syndrome.


Poor Lady Gaga. Poor ticket holders.

Except for the commenters AGGRIEVED by the fact that she will not amuse them with song and dance.

You guys are so mean:


Cry her an emoji, jeez.

But she’s getting some love, too.

Humanity’s better side.


Kanye continues marketing Yeezy Season 6 with his wife, not sure how it ties in but they found a way, now there are somewhat-related $960 Kim Kardashian wigs which you can buy, whatever, just HURRY.


We dreamed hard enough, and the Spice Girls really will come back! (Or, at least, they are meeting, friendship never ends). Even Mel B made it after clearing away her evil stepmother/ex-husband Stephen Belafonte who lives to thwart fairy tales. TMZ reports that Posh is “NOT down,” but this photo suggests otherwise.


  • Pink got the flu at the worst possible time in history, right ahead of performing the “Star Spangled Banner”at the Super Bowl because her children coughed into her mouth. Get better Pink! [Instagram]
  • Sorry children, but Cardi B’s facial expression is the best thing in this photo. [Instagram]
  • Drew Carey is engaged!!! I didn’t know I cared, but I really really do!!! This makes me ecstatic, for some reason!!! [ET Online]
  • Sometimes I like reading the real estate ads just for such imaginative fiction: “Entering through the double doors and into the terrazzo-lined entry of this midcentury-modern-style home in Bel-Air is like walking back in time.” [Los Angeles Times]
  • British model and reality television veteran Katie Price prepares for corrective surgery “after surgeon has completely fucked my face up.” [Instagram]

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Mortal Dictata

So it seems that Rose McGowan is now tripling down on her little TERF behaviour with that transphobic and somewhat anti-WOC speech a couple of days ago that has seen her completely disavowed by other groups (and rightly so), with her only supporters now being TERFs and MRAs like Paul Joseph Watson.

Yes I know it has emerged that the transwoman she attacked has multiple claims of being a child predator but A) McGowan didn’t know that at the time and B) that gives you the right to criticise her for being a child predator, not for being trans.

While it’s totally up to Rose to get her justice and retribution from Weinstein and other harassers in the way she seems fit, it’d be nice if she wasn’t stamping on the backs of not only other sexual assault survivors but other vulnerable groups in the process which she keeps doing.

For someone titling her book Brave those are the actions of anything but that.

(thanks to JLaw for posting the link to the rant last night)

(Rose’s tweets immediately after the event went viral)

(And then when the allegations against the transwoman went viral in response she posted and has now pinned this, doubling down on her “paid actor” remarks which haven’t been backed up by anything)